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Here are some of the most common questions we receive. Contact us if you don't find your answer here or in the store product info!

How you prevent entanglement to the propellers?

We use so called “Bullet method”. Parachute pack and shroud lines inside of the pack are ejected far from the airframe with Aramid extension cord. Once extension cord is straightened shroud lines are pulled out and parachute unfolds.

Is Skycat compatible with French DGAC homologation?

Nous avons une solution clés en main pour l'homologation  DGAC 8 kg / 69 J / 500 grammes, et un service client en francais, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter!

We have a complete solution for French DGAC homologation (approval) for up to 8 kg / 69 J / 500 grams. Ask for more info!

Which parachute size should I choose for my aircraft? 

This depends on your requirements and drone weight. Product pages include a descend metric graphs to illustrate, how weight affects descend speed and impact energy.

Do you have parachute for the DJI Inspire 1 and 2?

Yes, Skycat launchers can be used with Inspire 2 (X48) and Inspire 1 (X48 and X55). Mounting kit is available for Inspire 1 and recovery bundle for Inspire 2.

Do you have a parachute for DJI Phantom? 

Yes, Skycat XS series is designed for P4 and P3.

Do you have a parachute for DJI Matrice 210?

Yes, ask for more! This is ready and is delivered as ready-to-use package.

Do you have a parachute for DJI Mavic? 


Do you have a parachute for the DJI S900 / S1000? 

Yes, our X68 launcher with 84-SUL parachute is ideal for DJI S900/s1000 or other models up to 17 kg.

How many receiver channels does the launch command require?

Just one channel. 

I want more than one radio to be able eject the parachute, is it possible?

Yes, as standard. Just use one Trigger for each radio.

Do you use explosives, CO2 or servos?

No. Our launchers are based on patented FUSE® technology, which makes them light and extremely reliable. High force piston ejects parachute as a "bullet" away from the airframe.

Why Fuse and not a servo?

Servo is designed to move RC-aircraft control surfaces with all complexity, not for standing still. Skycat Fuse® release mechanism is designed to stand still armed without moving parts. This is a big difference for device you hopefully never use.

How long is the delay between command and launch?

The parachute ejects within 0.04 to 0.2 seconds.

How is Skycat system powered?

Skycat trigger gets either 4.9v - 6.1v operating voltage from the receiver or is powered from launch battery depending on Trigger version.

To power the launcher, a 3-6 cell Li-Po battery is supported (min. 30 A continuous / 70A peak). Flight battery or a separate battery can be used.

Does the launcher support the weight of the aircraft? 

No, parachute is connected directly to the airframe. Launcher mount only needs to withstand the recoil of the launch.

How is the parachute mounted to the airframe?

It's mounted to the strongest points of the airframe using harness lines. For example, to the arms of your multirotor.

Do you have a "kill switch" for forced power cut off?

Yes, the Skycat Terminator Trigger

Does the parachute eject automatically?

Skycat system supports manual launch straight out of the box. However, trigger can be connected to a device or autopilot, that supports automatic launch. One option we have tested is Pixhawk, video.

Can I mount multiple launchers or trigger units for redundancy?

Yes, you can use two or three launchers for improved redundancy and drag. You can also use more than one trigger for multiple command sources, for example main receiver, camera operator's receiver, autopilot's PWM output etc.

There are so many different ways seen on market to represent parachute size, what is it all about? 

Bigger number for size feels more efficient, but is not. Some use flat diameter on floor (big number), some use fabric area (big number) and some use effective diameter (small number). We represent whenever get it from parachute manufacturer the real effective diameter.

Can I trust descent velocity values you represent? 

Yes. Atmosphere varies and therefore does values vary as well, but as an average they are correct. We in some cases represent even higher impact values than parachute manufacturer declares because we may disagree manufacturer values based on our own experience.

I cannot find a mounting kit for my aircraft. What now?

Good customer support is our first priority. If our shop doesn't have a mounting kit for your model, we can design one for you. Just contact us via email. We appreciate customer's assistance with product integration and are happy to reward your effort.

Can I get discount for larger orders? 

Yes, If you'd like to purchase more than two full sets, contact us via email and ask for a discount code.

Skycat X68-CF launcher integrated into a hexacopter airframe. Customer project.

Skycat X68-CF and Vulcan airframe. Photo by Marco Cecala / Takeoffpros.com

Skycat X68 launcher integrated into a Tarot TL8X. Customer project.

DJI Inspire 1 equipped with Skycat X55-CF. Integration made by Ueli Sager from www.remotevision.ch. Independent radio/receiver, emergency switch and battery. System is not connected to copter electronics. Install kit available

Skycat X55-CF launcher integrated into a quadcopter, also serving as a GPS mount. Customer project. Universal mount

X66 launcher with 60-SUL ultra light parachute. Picture: http://www.drone-images-alsace.com/

Skycat X55 on a DJI F550 Flame Wheel hexacopter. Install kit available