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DJI Inspire 1 All Included recovery bundle

inspire pudotus-20.jpg
inspire pudotus-20.jpg

DJI Inspire 1 All Included recovery bundle

from 1,148.00

This is a recovery bundle for DJI Inspire 1.

Ready-To-Use package comes with all components needed and assembled including radio, except LIPO batteries (airfreight restrictions). 

Several parachute options from smallest Opale 1.8 sqm to clearly largest on market 60" Ultralight Fruity. Middle sized 48" Ultralight Fruity is very good choice for ideal weight and descent speed combination.

This package includes 1 meter Shock cord which increases distance from parachute to copter. When parachute flies far apart from the copter is tangling risk minimized even propellers are spinning.

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Why Skycat?

Inspire 1 parachute Skycat X48-CF

Powerful "like a bullet" eject

Parachute is shot far from airframe with extension rope, shock cord. Ready-To-Use packages includes shock cord which allows parachute packing so that parachute shroud lines are inside of the "bullet" and are safe from spinning propels. This method reduces risk of entanglement.

Parachute options for wide range of applications

Wide range of parachutes are available all the way up to the huge 60" (largest Inspire 1 parachute on the market). Available chutes and theoretical descent data below, at 3,5 kg (7,7 lbs) total weight:

  • X48-CF - Standard 1,8 sqm parachute - 5,4 m/s, 51 J
  • X48-CF - Ultra light 48" parachute - 4,7 m/s, 39 J
  • X55-CF - Ultra light 60" parachute - 3,8 m/s, 25 J

Real parachute descent velocity values

We represent descent velocity values like parachute manufacturers represents and we agree, except Opale Paramodels. Opale parachute performance values changed some time ago based on our measurements to too optimistic. We still today represent Opale original values which are not as good as manufacturer represents today but with these values you could feel free to apply application for authorities.

Reliable performance in all weather conditions

Patent pending Fuse technology has a working temperature range of -25°C - +50°C (-13°F - +122°F). Absence of moving parts in the release mechanism offers unbeatable reliability, even in freezing temperatures.

No explosives, gases or mechanical servos

Parachute is ejected by a high strength spring which is held down by a Fuse. It is released by electricity, which burns the Fuse and releases the piston. No permits are required to transport Skycat system via airlines.

Center of gravity

Weight is distributed on both sides of the copter, allowing more natural center of gravity and more stable flight characteristics.

Are you RC - enthusiast and want to set up using own skills?

We are those and understand you. You may have range of JR - modules for radio already and you enjoy assembly. Please contact us and we can collect a KIT which contains all non standard RC - components and you could assemble by yourself, more economically. 

U.S. Patent No. 9,611,044