Company: Fruity Chutes Inc.
Location: Los Gatos, California, USA
Years in business: Since 2007

Contact Name: Gene Engelgau
Phone: 408 499 9050
Shipping: International

Fruity Chutes is a world leader in the manufacture of recovery systems for UAV, RC, Quadcopter, and Drone parachute recovery. We provide recovery systems to many of the top UAV manufactures including Quest UAV, Aeromao, and PST Jets. Many US, and EU aerospace companies are working with our products now integrating them into there UAS products. Our top priority is to work with UAS manufactures and to help provide them with our world class recovery systems.

EU / Italy

Company: Masterdrone by Hydro2Power SRL
Location: Via Campo Rivera 135, 20069 Vaprio d'Adda
Years in business: Since 2004

Contact Name: Marco Levi
Phone: (+39) 02 90 98 98 83
Shipping: International

Masterdrone is the specialized brand for drone appliances and solutions, from games to professional drones and ready-to-fly solutions. A branch of the company is fully dedicated to the coordination of missions with professional drones, and to shoot and provide complete professional services from video takes and photos to the video editing and showreels from every corner of the world.

EU / Spain


Company: Aircatdrone
Location: Spain

Contact Name: Santi Sánchez
Phone: (+34) 629 548 108
Shipping: International

AircatDrone is one of the professional aviation companies of the corporative company AircatGlobal. We do RPAS pilot rating courses, Professional drone distribution and technical service for our customers and represented brands. The result: almost 100 RPA pilots came out of our RPA flight school every 6 months and we are the official drone supplier for the biggest drone operators in Spain.

asia / korea


Company: JNet Sys Co., Ltd. (Affiliate company:  J.Net Commerce, Co.)
Location: Daegu, Korea Republic of

Contact Name: Jonghoon Park
Phone: (+82) 53 761 5259
Shipping: International

JNet Sys is a professional company in UAVs, drones, radio control aircrafts, and composite materials area.  As well as distributing those related products, we also perform government supported and buyer’s requested UAV development projects in Korea.   JNet Sys provides developing and technical services for UAVs including prototyping, design, system integration, test & evaluation, education & training, etc.