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DJI Phantom 4 - Skycat XS hobby series

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skycat xs p4 2000px-.jpg
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skycat xs p4 2000px--5.jpg
skycat xs p4 2000px-.jpg
skycat xs p4 2000px--3.jpg
skycat xs p4 2000px--7.jpg

DJI Phantom 4 - Skycat XS hobby series

from 7.00

Patent pending Skycat XS for DJI Phantom 4 offers excellent drag to weight ratio and is easy to mount without any tools, in just a few seconds!

XS is snapped in place just like the flight battery and parachute is connected with a quick lock. Pilot can now easily remove launcher if necessary, even at the field!

The kit includes a launcher and a parachute. A radio system is not included.

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Patent pending mechanism

XS's catapult mechanism is designed to reduce stress to the servo. Losing power to the servo will not result in accidental parachute launch.

High efficiency

Launcher design and high packing density of our parachute options makes XS more efficient than competing systems. Due to optimized canopy design, our parachutes create more drag than 58" "round" parachute with larger diameter.

What's included

  • Launcher and servo
  • Parachute
  • 3 meters of durable parachute line and a quick lock. Parachute line can easily withstand contact with the propellers. Optional extension cord can be made from the parachute line. It allows parachute to fly further, reducing the risk of entanglement.

What's required

  • Skycat Rescue Radio or other radio system.
  • Battery, for example 2S 350 mAh.
  • Voltage regulator for the receiver.

Technical Specs

  • XS launcher weight: 80 grams (not including receiver and battery).
  • Parachute weight: Opale 1.0 m2: 55 grams, Fruity IFC-36-SL: 65 grams.
  • Theoretical descent data (Phantom 4, Fruity 36-SL parachute): descent speed 4,3 m/s, impact energy 15 J.
  • Flight time: According to our tests, real flight time with full XS launcher installed to Phantom 4 was 16 minutes

Motor cut off

  • Launcher does not shut down motors, in the case of an emergency use emergency shut down method, as described in Phantom 4 manual, and eject parachute.
  • Parachute eject is always the last option, in a flyaway situation try to regain control before ejecting parachute.

Launcher is locked in place by hooks at the bottom of the main plate. Just snap launcher in place and connect parachute with included quick lock.