We are a group of UAV enthusiasts committed to the safety of your equipment and fellow people, ready to discuss product and business development. You can contact us via Sales and Support.

Henri Hiisilä

Mechanical & automation engineer for several international projects. An aerial photographer, and general UAV and DIY enthusiast. Speaks Finnish and English. Tireless attention to detail, functionality, simplicity and reliability. Honest to the bone, you can trust he means what he says. Father of Skycat parachute launchers and many new things to come.  See Making of for how it began, and for how it evolved before public launch. Contact for product development and R&D collaboration topics. 

Bruno Lespinasse

Marketing and B2B relations. Speaks fluent French, Finnish and English. Contact for reseller opportunities, technology licensing/integration/IPR and any other collaboration ideas. Tireless negotiator, ex-CEO, technology visionary and f2f brainstormer. You will meet Bruno in many aviation and robotics events.

Mervyn Graham


Business advisor, serial entrepreneur, CEO, investor. Speaks English and a few words of Finnish. Contact for resale and technology licensing, investing in or with Skycat, and general business around UAVs and Intelligent Machines.

Petteri Hiisilä

User experience designer with 15 years of global expertise. Ex-skydiver. General manager and planner for Skycat. Speaks Finnish and English. Contact Petteri via email on any general topics.

Olli-Pekka Mahrberg

Aerial cinematography professional, media creator and Chief Pilot at Skycat. Has spent the last decade with RC models and sUAVs. Never gets tired to fly! Operates Skycat customer support with technical insight and accuracy. Contact him directly via email.

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